Waiting — The Powerful Tool

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Waiting for the food you ordered in a restaurant.
Awaiting the response letter from a loved one.
Waiting for the next bus to arrive after missing a bus.
Hoping for that desired college waiting list to be cleared.
Waiting for Corona pandemic to be over.

You are hopeful, you have an expectation in mind. However, whether the end of waiting results in positive or negative outcome, the act is not given its due credit.

To the context of current times, waiting is often overlooked. Its importance is discounted. With the advent of technology, the act of waiting is looked down upon. It's not rewarded. The instant reaction to the message through electronic media is encouraged more.

Waiting is very difficult and disliked by those who are scared of their sole company. They don't know what to do with themselves, they are always looking for some engagement outside their being. When that's not found, the frustration rises.

From my experience, waiting bothers only those who don't want to wait.

And rightly so. In fact, waiting helps you take out time to meet yourself. It gives a chance to listen to what you feel, to observe what kind of thoughts are hovering in your head. Waiting enables mindfulness. And last, but not the least, waiting makes a sweet outcome even sweeter.

Next time you get impatient waiting in a long queue, or stuck at a heavy traffic, just take a moment to switch into the 'waiting' mode.

When your vehicle ignition doesn't start, just take a moment. Show some love to it. The vehicle may not have feelings to share, but it will reflect back the care you shower upon it.

Waiting and the ability to wait is powerful. This is a courageous act. If you try bit by bit daily, you can become an excellently mindful waiter. And this is something you should be proud of. Small steps will lead to huge bliss.




Reader | Seeker | Thinker | Writer | Tsundoku | Stationery Fetishist | A Yogi for Life | I write about life 🌿, inside and around me.

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Shobhana Jha

Shobhana Jha

Reader | Seeker | Thinker | Writer | Tsundoku | Stationery Fetishist | A Yogi for Life | I write about life 🌿, inside and around me.

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